Saturday, December 21, 2013

Imperfect Hearts

I've started making art quilts again.
I've also started a new series of art quilts called the "Imperfect Hearts Series".
I draw out hearts that aren't perfect and make them into applique designs.
A do a new one for each art quilt. No repeats.
At the moment I've been embroidering "hope" on them.
That may change as this series evolves or it may not.

imperfect heart #1

imperfect heart #2

The first one is a gift for someone who isn't online at all.
The second one I kept for myself.
I've made a third one but I won't be posting that until after the holidays because it is another gift.
I've also made a differently themed art quilt that I can't post quite yet.

It feels good to be back at this. 

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