Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flowers and Thoughts

more random neighborhood flowers random neighborhood flowers

Just a couple pics taken with my point and shoot on a walk to the bank last week. The day wasn't too hot which was nice since this errand needed to be done and we don't have a car and the walk is a half an hour each way. There weren't a lot of flowers still around and most I saw were starting to fade now that we're deep into summer now. We haven't been getting a lot of rain either which isn't helping things.
I wish I was more in the mood to take photos or to make art of any sort but I'm in some sort of downswing and I'll I want to do lately is read. So I've been reading a lot. I seem to feel this way a lot in summer, part of it is the heat and part of it...I don't know. Maybe all the craziness that is going on in the world lately.

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  1. Poppy,
    I just love all of your images and the words that you write on your blog are so beautifully open and honest.I tried and failed to "inner excavate" because I just couldn't open up enough and admire you for continuing.Your journal looks wonderful.Likewise I am finding it hard to connect to any of the Chakra workshop stuff.I don't know why I never found your blog before but I shall continue to read it!!x