Thursday, June 7, 2012

Missing YAYOM

Last month I took an e-course called YOU ARE YOUR OWN MUSE: RE-WRITING THE STORY with Vivienne McMaster. It was awesome.

I  joined up just a day before the class began on a whim. It seemed interesting and I felt really drawn to it so I jumped in.

 I had such a good time doing YAYOM: Re-Writing the Story. I felt good taking these self-portraits. I loved checking out the new lessons Monday-Thursday. I loved each assignment even the difficult ones. Emotionally difficult, not technically difficult. It isn’t a technical class really. But it is one about growth and personal development through self-portraiture. The community on the private Flickr group was all very supportive. Vivienne was super supportive. It was just such a great time.

 I'm really looking forward to the CHAKRA PHOTO WORKSHOP that is coming up in July. It's a new class and sounds like so much fun. Until then I'll just keep taking pictures. I find it so relaxing and important to my mental well-being lately.

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