Monday, June 25, 2012

Inner Excavation Week Two

First up is the chapter page in my journal for the project... page for chapter 2 work

This one is a collage type thing consisting of copies of photos and journal entries from 1992 when I spent a semester abroad in London. I also made side trips to Scotland, Wales and the Island of Rhodes in Greece. The text says: "Once upon a time I had adventures" This is in contrast to my life now and really my life in general except for that time period. I'm mostly a homebody. One might say that these days I'm borderline agoraphobic. But one time I did have adventures, small ones but they were mine.
i used to have adventures

The last one is about my dad who passed away three years ago. It is also about dreams left behind and about him discouraging me against following my own dreams.
swallowed dreams

You can click on the pictures to see bigger versions at Flickr.

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