Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

ice and rock

It's been cold and we have snow and ice here in New England. Much different from the last winter we had. We hardly had any snow all season that time around and it never stuck around very long the few times we did get some. I think this year will be more like the usual kind of winter one associates with this area. So we are now two days into 2013 and I have plans for a creative year here. I signed up for this...

I also have plans for daily photography fun, weekly self-portraits, and a few other art projects on the burner. 2012 was a year of treading water. There was little creativity besides taking pictures, but that's okay. That was what I needed to keep afloat last year but this year I want to make things. I want to do art and I want to string words together.
Beginnings are fun!

Happy New Year everyone!

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