Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Could Be Forever

So the working title for my new writing project is Could Be Forever. It’s just a working title. I wanted to be able to call it something. What I was calling it in my head before gives way too much away so this is the new working title. Which sounds like it should be a romance and it so isn’t.
I’ve been working on character backgrounds the last couple of days and I’ll be working on those more today. I really wanted to be able to start the actual writing on the first but I may push it to August 5th, it being the first Monday in August.
I want to have more background fleshed out. I think it is really coming together now. Somethings are changing but I like the changes. I’ve been doing the prep writing by hand but I’m not sure if I’m going to write the story itself handwritten in a notebook or type it on the computer.
Of course what I really want to do right now is read, I’m toward the end of a very enjoyable romance novel and I’ve got several awesome books that just came out and are calling out to me. But writing first then reading.
Time to do the work.

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